Learn from my Mentors

While my views are my own, they build on the insights of many wise people you should know about. Many of them are directly advancing evidence-based practice, and all of them have great things to say:


Current Collaborators

Kelly Peters, CEO and Co-Founder of BEworks

One great piece by Kelly: behavioralscientist.org/resistance-futile-embracing-era-augmented-worker/

Natalie Allen, Professor of Organizational Psychology (and my advisor!) at Western University, Canada

John Meyer, Professor of Organizational Psychology at Western University, Canada

Rick Goffin, Professor of Industrial Psychology at Western University, Canada

One great piece by Rick: www.hrreporter.com/article/7091-choosing-the-right-personality-test-for-the-job/

Saurin Patel, Professor of Finance at Ivey Business School, Western University, Canada

Sonia Kang, Professor of Organizational Behavior at Rotman Business School, University of Toronto, Canada

One great piece by Sonia: https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/how-an-ethnic-sounding-name-may-affect-the-job-hunt/article555082/


Inspiring Practitioners

Hung Lee, Founder of Workshape.io and Master Curator of Recruiting Brainfood

Jane Watson, Head of People and Ops at Actionable and Creator of Talent Vanguard

Pietro Marenco, Editor at Science for Work and Science Translator Extraordinaire


Past Collaborators

Ian Spence, Professor of Psychology (my old advisor!) at the University of Toronto

Jay Pratt, Professor of Psychology (another of my old advisors!) at the University of Toronto

Adam Anderson, Professor of Psychology at Cornell University, NY